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    Quote Originally Posted by espensen View Post
    Following publication of the article " A novel is being tried for possession of brothel in Ireland , Mr Michael Selaru give them at , the right of reply . Here's the story , seen from the point of view :

    Dobra Dobra Florin Florina and her husband are in Deva . Florin one gave money in Deva , Mihaela Popa my friend he met on a site of prostitution as a couple. We discussed and came to us in Hunedoara where we had sex in April . Florine me with almost anything I did , we had met one time you had sex with both Mihaela then Mihaela open discussion to go to Ireland as prostitutes . It was May prostitute about a month and have the client Braian Murray, who suggested to stick with him and torque. Brian agreed and sent him money . They left on August 25 , Brian took them to the airport we checked in at the hotel , took them home , he took pictures to put on escourt Ireland , gave the money to pay the starting fee and took them condoms .

    I came on September 2, 2009 , I was not involved with anything I ever talked to Brian . I do not know , Brian knew that Mihaela have friends . Florin I argued with him on the phone and envy because I did not agree with some nonsense sent to the Florin the police to declare the lies that were written in the press and have proven they are lies, but prosecutors Ireland decided not to accuse them of anything and Mihaela Florina who was pressured to lie and threatened .

    I never denounced it because I loved Mihaela and police did after her 30 hours to surrender and arrest of the main guilty of prostitution , trafficking organization and transformed it into the victim to solve If that had hoped to have a big case of human trafficking . Sergeant Dave Gallagher was wrong and kept me locked innocent , accused me of detention , the imposition of prostitution and starvation . After 93 days I officially handed accusations but they saw that everything was a lie and had no evidence of what Dobra said Florine and I brought two charges , the organization of prostitution and money that I lived in two . On completion prosecutor said in court that I returned the money confiscated from arrest to have no evidence that prostitution come from , how they could bring me the second charge ? Dobra Florine was a prostitute and Deva have many sites where it was put as a prostitute .

    Policeman Dave Gallagher destroyed evidence of Romania Florin phone , phone pink digital Mihaela 's dozens of samples that were as planned with Brian all lied in court oath , gave testimony on false statements , etc. . To cover their mistakes all the time I was pressed to say that my lawyers are guilty as I took money from two and take six months and are free , I was threatened in March 11, 2010 as if saying that will not return other charge, I postponed the trial of April 12, 2009 November or December . I gave two as innocent as prostitutes because they wanted to do I tried to change my friend , I wanted to go but I begged to go back and loving it too much I gave . Process begins on April 12, 2009 I was brought a new charge : support for brothel after three days in which baristerul Dobra said that Florine is a liar , that mind in everything he said . Prosecutor did not bring any charge , if an accused I looked harmless . Florine went to police with ID , passport , two phones , keys to the apartment , paid the bill as a bank , ticket , etc. .. says he was kidnapped and ran knowing that I know that when I went after them take all the beer money .. one victim was on her all these personal things ? Police wrong from the start .

    there you go

    Some PPL mistake an attempt at reconciliation, as a personal attack or insult......

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