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Thread: Fantasies.Their use by escorts and or punters....

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    Default Fantasies.Their use by escorts and or punters....

    Escorts, Do you ever get fellas going with fantasies or do you usually let them come up with fantasies? I've never actually asked for a fantasy though I have used some in my own head.
    The female teacher rewards her pupil for doing good work by letting him look up her dress,then touch her legs and so on.
    The female teacher does the same thin as a punishment for not doing work..
    The secretary who is in trouble at work and is willing to offer her boss a favour to sort it out.
    The handyman in the convent who gives the Rev Mother a bit of rough in the garden shed.
    The housewife who can,t pay for her plumbing job but shows enough leg so the plumber gets the hint..
    The family member who has been given the job of taking the virginity of a young man who is not blood connected (say her husbands nephew)
    This previous one reversed.
    The tour guide on a tour bus gives the driver his reward.
    She is trying on clothes but the zip of her dress gets stuck and she has to get the gardener to help and he succeeds but gets excited and she lets him on board...
    Wife offers her celibate friend a shag with husband

    Oh no I got a bit carried away.
    Any other contributions?
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    I visited an escort recently and she looked like a girl I knew that I and her wanted to have sex with but decided best not to, anyway at the start of the appointment I asked if I could call her by that girls name, the question went over her head due to lack of english but during the act I couldn't help myself saying her name anyway, fairly mild fantasy but hey, it worked, some explosion I had
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    I simply adore fantasies and role play. Must say that the above mentioned are quite exciting... Don't be shy to share your fantasies with your escort, it makes a change to the mundane and can be loads of fun.

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