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Thread: Any one use those NSA site?

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    Default Any one use those NSA site?

    Sometimes you would think that there are loads of women out there who want no strings attached sex and all you have to do is pay a bit of plastic money to a website and you'll get laid every night!! Has anyone any experience of such a site or sites. Has anyone got value for money from these ?

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    I came across (pardon the pun) a site there recently Hi, ***url removed***and i met a lovely couple off it, ha d a super 3sum, worth a look, it's a free site
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    I did use them for a while.
    Before my escorting time and even when I was doing escorting.

    I got recognised on 2 such sites.
    First time, someone called me informing that "someone" is using my pics on such a site (cropped, not to show the head).
    I was taken by surprise and I mumbled something like "I'll check with the site and asked them to remove the pics". Second time, a guy mailed me and asked if I'm Karin. I told him yes, I thanked him and then I removed my account ...

    I am not longer using such sites, not even for exchanging a mail or so ...because Cork is really small and I don't want to get in any trouble.

    Before escorting, it was a little more fun. I was on AFF for a while, met a few guys from there.

    But the ratio men / women is scary. I reckon that it it could be something like 100 /1 or even less.
    I used to get sometimes 80 mails a day, I swear Most of them, of very low quality: "hi", "can we meet", "that's my dick" etc ...

    Some women profiles there are FAKE (nothing new here for E-I users ).

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