The Sunday school teacher asked her students how they think people entered Heaven. A few hands shot up around the room. She called on David.

"I think you instantly get beamed up there, like on Star Trek!" David shouted out.

"That could be a way." she told him. Looking around, she pointed to Jade. "Yes, Jade?"

"I think you enter on a big cloud that comes down from Heaven." Jade told her. "Then you get on the cloud and go straight up into Heaven."

"That's so sweet, Jade. I like that idea." The teacher scanned the room again and called on Johnny. "Yes, Johnny?"

"I think you enter Heaven feet first, ma'am." Johnny said.

The teacher looked confused. She laughed and asked, "Why do you think we enter Heaven feet first, Johnny?"

"Well, I walked into my parent's room last night. Daddy was on top of mommy. Her legs were straight up in the air and she kept screaming, "Oh God! Oh God! I'm coming! I'm coming!" and it was all my daddy could do to hold her down.