A newspaper report stated a very interesting fact about the Women of Castleblaney. Castleblaney, I believe is in County Monaghan, I passed through there in once in my time, and it came across to me as just a typical Provincial town.
Anyway, the news article stated that the Women of Castleblaney have no knickers to wear! . Yes thats right, no knickers at all ! Apparantly the last underwear shop in Castleblaney closed down in October or thereabouts, and by now, the good Women of Castleblaney now have no knickers- absolutely fuck all knickers to wear.
Is this true I wonder ? And if so, are there hordes of perverts and assorted weirdos heading to Castleblaney (Worse still- are they already there?).
I think that this situation requires a investigation by us punters on E1, I think that we should send somebody up there, to Castleblaney, to get us a full report.
I nominate Dub Lad.
Lad- Go down to Busaras on Saturday and get a bus to Castleblaney, find out what the fuck is happening up there, if indeed the Women there have no Knickers, then let us know ASAP. We could be onto a bonanza here, we could organise a few busloads of punters to go up there on daytrips, for sightseeing tours.
After all, we are just as good as those perverts and weirdos.