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    This is part warning, part question:

    Was stuck for a bit of fun in Sofia a few weeks ago - believe me, it's not a city with an awful lot to do - so decided to scope out one of the recommended strip clubs, called Kamasutra. The place was pretty empty (I think it was a Wednesday night) but there was a decent selection of girls even if one or two looked bored.

    20 Lev for a lapdance, which ain't too bad I think. I'd heard that some of the girls do a bit of escorting on the side, so as this particular goddess was rubbing her tits in my face I figured I'd ask. Unfortunately she wasn't one of the girls offering that service, but she promised to send over someone who was. About 10 minutes later this lass - about a 7.5 - slides into the seat next to me. We agree 100 Lev for an hour back in the hotel, with covered oral and full sex. Pretty decent service, no complaints there. But here's the warning - though I thought I'd left my wallet well enough hidden while I showered, she helped herself to 100 quid (in euros), which i didn't spot until she'd left.

    So - do check it out if you're bored in the city, but keep an eye on your things if you bring someone back to the hotel. She might just be the one bad apple in the bunch (or maybe she decided EUR100 was a reasonable extra fee for letting me cum on her tits )

    I'll be back there for business later in the year. Would be interested if people have other suggestions or recommendations?

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    Was there a few years ago, best bet is ask the porter in the hotel to arrange a girl, then she has to hand in her ID at reception, would be unlikely to rob you then
    Best regards Feargal
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    Cheers man, had thought of that but this particular porter didn't seem too knowledgeable when I asked him what fun there was to be had. When they arrange the girl, do you run the risk of getting set up with a complete time waster? Not sure how I feel about someone else choosing my punts for me!

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    Hi Joe , sent you a pm of a site that I got results from whilst in Sofia , callouts at €25 a go , classy girls too but near impossible to get a Bulgarian Escort to give OWO,CIM, DFK etc , they are ultra cautious but that aint a bad thing.
    Club Velvet was my fave , all girls there offer take out at 200 lev / €50
    Have had over 20 girls in Sofia and all were immaculate , keep away from street girls, diff story there.

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