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Thread: Zoe ... confusing double

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    2 listings for Zoe, one has lots of great reviews, listing is suspended.
    Escort Reviews of Zoe, Irish escort from Escort Ireland

    the other Zoe looks great and has 5 reviews, current listing. I was planning to arrange a visit to her this week anyway and wasn't even aware of the other until browsing the "most reviewed" page, at first I was very happy to see all these great reviews and then realised my mistake
    Zoe, Cork Female Independent Escort, profile on Escort Ireland

    the ref number differentiates between them but could there not be a way to avoid the same names being used. They may both want to be called Zoe but how about first come first served and some distinguishing tag on to the name for the second Zoe listing

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    when looking at reviews its clear enough which Zoe is being reviewed because you can click to view the profile, but in forums its going to be a problem

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    Yes, it's pity so many girls have the same profile name. It's not the case only for this name, duplicate names are here a common occurrence. It would have been much better to have a check on names and duplicates should not have been allowed.

    Talking about community IDs, the Zoe that is active at the moment is not even registered on the message board.
    I assume the inactive Zoe is also not registered.

    If any of them will register, they can chose whatever name or nickname they like, it doesn't have to be the same as the profile name. Even if they will independently chose similar handles, each of the handle will have links to the individual profile and reviews, so the identification should be easy enough. Add to that community profiles being customized differently and the the difference should be big enough to distinguish the girls. If worst come to worst, admin can help and change the handles if needed.

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    If you look at the reviews there is a photo tagged to each review since sometime in april
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    In my humble opinion, Escorts should choose memorable double-barrelled names, e.g Sensual Delights, Sweet Cherri, Lucy Chambers, Beauty Michelle, just a few that spring to mind. I think there must be at least 5 Jessicas and dozens of variants on Nicola, Nikole, Nikky, Niky etc.

    It's like building a brand I suppose.

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