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Thread: Our Ancestors were right.

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    Has anyone noticed how incompatible a knife and fork is when it comes to most meats? For starters you let a load of meat behind on the bone and it takes half the day to cut around it. I am not married so i dont get a slap, i dont have kids so no worries about teachers complaining and no i dont do this if im out in public but at home, fuck it. I just get a napkin and the hell with the knife and fork when it comes to meat.

    Call me a glutton but think about it. More meat, easier time, more heart attacks. What more could i ask for?

    Can the knife and fork with your meat,

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    FFS Westie --- I`m building up one horrendous mental picture of ye now,unmanagable wad of wavy hair n all. - a la Shirley Temple !
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    Chicken and fish (not fillet) can be eaten using your hands in the best gourmet restaurants, so at home absolutely no problem.

    Beef and porc ??? The knife and fork are helping in this case but the end of the day, whatever makes you happy.

    Myself, if someones makes chocolate cake or cream next to me, I'm always licking the bowl and my fingers ... yummy

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