I seen something on a street in Dublin last week, it struck on my mind, let me explain it.
Last thursday I was in Phisborough, about 11 30in the morning, near the NCR junction (non sex business, in case anybodys wondering), it was a very hot sunny warm day, made evident by the amount of girls wearing short skirts, there is a sex shop there, I cant recall its name, but its opposite a charity shop and beside a internet shop.
A large car pulled up outside the sex shop, the driver was a shaven headed eastern european type, black t shirt, shouting into a mobile phone.
2 girls got out of the back seat of the car, they struck me as maybe Czech, or Polish, certainly somewhere in central europe, one aged about 23 (tall, slim, long fair hair, dark mini skirt, white shirt) the other about 18 or 19 (shorter, plastered in tarty make up, short white mini skirt, high heels, black tank top).
Both of the girls, gigly and smiling, went into the sex shop, the shaved head sat in the car, shouting into his mobile, gesturing with his hand.
About 3 minutes later, no more, the 2 girls came out, with the shorter one carrying a small brown paper bag (condoms?), they got into the car, at which point, shaven head, while ignoring them, just started up the car, and drove off towards the city center.

That was it, it was a interesting scene, and I have to admit that the 2 girls- so sexy looking, in the warm weather, gave me an erection in my pants, especially as I began all sorts of imaginations at what they would be up to later that day.
I believe it was condoms in the bag, I dont think they went into that shop to buy lolly pops!