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Thread: Knicker Stealing- What Gives?

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    Exclamation Knicker Stealing- What Gives?

    Fellow Punters-
    Have you ever wondered- why do some pervs steal knickers?
    Why do they steal the underwear of nice females?
    Many a night I have tossed and turned, thinking about this, and so I decided to ask some women whose knickers were stolen!
    Now in my area we have a knickers thief! this perv sneaks into back gardens and steals knickers from washing lines!
    So I decided to interview some women, telling them I was compiling a survey for my all yous, fellow punters!

    First up was Jackie (below)WHO LIVES JUST ACROSS THE STREET FROM ME, AND who demonstrated the type of knickers she had stolen . .
    "I was shocked, Mister Spunk! what kind of perv would steal MY knickers?" she asked me, as she squirmed in front of me.

    Tricia (below), who lives two doors down, had a similier story "I dont understand why some bloke would want my knickers" she told me . .

    Alice also spoke to me "He must be a perv this knickers thief" she told me, as she posed with a pair of similier knickers . .

    Doris, another neighbour, too spoke to me "they are only knickers Mister Spunk, why would any man want to steal them?" she asked me, why indeed I wondered . .

    last to speak to me was Annie, who just happens to live next door to me-"This knickers thief must be a real perv, Mister Spunk, why cant all men be decent and clean minded like you?" she asked me as she gyrated her buttocks to me, and with that I MADE MY EXCUSES AND LEFT . . . . .

    So there you have it fellow punters- knickers robbery, happening every day in this great city, a shocking event in Ireland of 2010!
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    A man s mission in life is to spread his seed with as many women as possible, for as long as possible, in any position possible . . . .

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    Always a fan of your stories Dick!

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