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Thread: belfast chinese pimp trial update

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    Default belfast chinese pimp trial update

    Victims of human trafficking are being forced to work in Ulster as sex slaves for just £3.

    Thatís the shock revelation made by a cop investigating asinister vice ring across Northern Ireland. Unsuspecting immigrants are forced into prostitution by rich pimps posing as respectable employers. The revelations were made during a bail hearing for Chinese woman Rong Chen ó an alleged brothel madam accused of making £1 million from managing a string of sleazy Ulster brothels.

    She is now facing charges of trafficking women in the UK for sexual exploitation and controlling prostitution for gain.

    The court heard claims Chen forced two Chinese women into becoming hookers after luring them to Northern Ireland on the promise of £220-a-week jobs as nannies. Three others are also accused of being involved in the vice ring, including former cop Simon Dempsey.

    £3 sex slaves - Sunday Life -

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    Nice to know that they do catch some of these scumbags.

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