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Thread: Dirty arses and no balls!!!!

  1. Default Dirty arses and no balls!!!!

    Hey Saps- the MAN is back!
    The only REAL MAN on the board!

    Now yous might be wondering why Im back- well let me tell yous I have had complaints that most of yous have dirty arses! Are mammies boys, And have NO balls!
    Thats what Mature Siohban or whatever her name is told me- I was rolling around the floor breaking my shite laughting at yous when I heard that! I actually hurt myself laughing so much!
    And other escorts have said yous all have the dirtyest arses in the world!
    But listen up Saps, because I am in good mood today I am going to help yous with your pathetic sap filled lives! I am going to tells yous how to get balls and clean your arses!
    So get a pen and write this down!

    Go down to the Spar and buy these-

    Pack of extra strong BRILLO pads
    Bottle of extra strong washing up liquid
    A roll of Twine

    Now Saps, go home and pull down the schoolgirl knickers that yous all wear, Pour the washing up liquid in your arse crack, and rub away with the brillo pads for 2 hours!

    Thats your arses clean- next to give yous balls-
    tie the twine around the joke yous call your testicles, tie the other end of the twine around the rear bumper of your girlfriends car, now tell your girlfriend to drive off at 90 miles an hour!
    Thats the only way yous will grow balls!

    So there you have it you saps.

    Night Rider
    "Moron" "Smartarse" "Mister 20 posts" "Idiot" "Ignorant" "Sinner" "Unreliable" "Irish Loser" "Lunatic" "Troll" "Cunt" "Muppet"
    "repressed homosexual" "Impotent" "No Girlfriend" "No Job" "asshole" "Little fart" "cow shit"

    The MAN the Saps Love to Hate !

    Asshole of the Month MAY 2009
    As voted by Saps!

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    Yeah, Night Rider's back!!!

    Hey Nighty, did you upgrade to the new Kitt or are you still using the classic model?

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    who is this? Meh.....

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