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Thread: Dublin - Shooting Capital of Ireland??

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    Default Dublin - Shooting Capital of Ireland??

    Well, is it?? Every time you turn on the news or look at the front page of the paper its just "A man has died following a shooting.....", I know years ago Limerick was given the name "Stab City"....self explanitory really, but this is just getting out of hand. Is it all drug related or family feud related?? And even that shit up the north with the bombings is all starting up again, thats the last thing we need. But Dublin, the capital of our Emerald Isle, nothing but shooting and killings everywhere around the city, and its not everywhere around the country its mostly in Dublin, its getting beyond a joke, but i don't think there's any way anybody can stop it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rod Stewart View Post
    i don't think there's any way anybody can stop it.
    Don't meant to sound bad but, as long as there are no innocent people getting hurt in this, who wants to stop it???

    Put them all on a island for a few weeks with as many guns and bullets as they want and tell them we'll pick up the last man standing.................and then just leave him there..........

    And why would it be a surprise if Dublin was the shooting capital. By logic, it should be..............
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