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    Was out around usual southside hotspots lastnite between 10.30 and 11.30..very quite maybe because of activity from the irish game in landsdowne...was 2 black girls in fitzwilliam square..they look for 100..a rip of price..another girl around there was in her 20's red hair tall slim,not bad looking and wearing thigh high boots but she not my type..just one girl on burlington rd..looked like junkie blonde juse drove on past..thats all i have to add about lastnite. Anyone know of any other hotspots and where are all the girls gone?? Where is the blonde girl that is usual at perrer cannister church..blonde dublin girl not that slim but great legs and ass in those very short mini skirts she wears??

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    I pass way that sometimes on my way home from work at different times of a night and I reckon that more girls are out after midnight and there does be 6/7 out at the same time on occasion, mostly weekends. The black girls want 100 but in their apartment. Maybe sounds ropey? I seen what looked like a cracker from behind, tall, leggy, slim, blonde out 2 weeks ago but couldn't see her front.

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    Anyone know anything about a girl called "Lin", 20s, long straight brown-red hair, in arbour hill this evening? offering home visits for 120 anyone been with her? She says she is doing it a few years

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    There were 2 young Irish girls,about 19 / 20 down the Canal near Baggot St. bridge for a while.

    Anyone know if they are still knocking about? They were offering a double BJ for 150 last time I passed. Didn't have the cash, but well tempted.

    One is tall, about 5ft. 8 in heels, blondey hair, size 14, very busty the other was about 5ft 4 in heel, also busty, brown hair.

    Two little crackers.

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    Seen those 2 Black girls at Fitzwilliam Sq again 2nite just after 11. They charge 180 for both of them or 100 for one of them. The girl who spoke seemed to have an English accent. She said that the action takes place back in their flat near the Burlington hotel on the Appian Way. Was tempted but passed. Is a lot of money.

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