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    Was just looking through the latest reviews and see that Lisa (reviewed in galway and dated today) has got a bad review. I clicked through to her other reviews and it is interesting that they are a really mixed bag. She has a couple of bad ones at the start and then a good number of positive ones and then this bad one (from a reviewer who has a few under his belt). I wouldn't normally bother to post anything as sometimes it must be a case of bad chemistry, however, that is what really occurred to me.... It must be just that, otherwise, how could a girl have a significant number of good reviews but still have some really bad ones..

    I was in Galway last week and really fancied a punt on Friday morning, and called her (and a few others but got no response other than from girls who were obviously part of an agency). I ended up not punting but not through choice.. Therefore, If I am to go on gut feel, I think Lisa is genuine and while I believe the punter's review of her, it begs the question, how much is in the chemistry between the escort and punter?



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    Yes, can depend on chemistry and how you treat the girl.

    However,sometimes.Girls (agency in particular) can be using the same profile,so the Lisa you get may not be the same(which could explain varied reviews) Unless last guy was a bit of an asshole.I used an agency couple of years ago ,booked X and petite blonde arrived. Booked same girl following week and tall brunette arrived. Both beautiful,latin and great fun . So I was lucky. Not always the case

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigladdub View Post
    how much is in the chemistry between the escort and punter?

    In my opinion, chemistry is important, but top escorts know how to work there way around bad chemistry. Lets face it, punter may have gfe, but not a girlfriend. I believe, more important is hygiene of punter. I am not saying those who give bad reviews have bad hygiene or all bad reviews are because of punters bad hygiene. But if an escort has mixed reviews, I tend to give escorts benefit of doubt. if one review says, she does not kiss and other says she enjoys kissing, I give escort benefit of doubt. I am not pointing fingers at anyone, but I do believe, the experience I will have with escort depends much more on my hygiene then chemistry. As an example, yesterday I was with Katia, first thing she said before we started, was she is happy that I shaved my privates and balls. I am sure if I had not shaved, she I would not have got same quality orals. If my mouth stinks, I will not get same level of kissing.

    Many escorts do not use rebuttal to say that you did not get FK because of stink in your mouth.

    It is also possible that escort had bad day, it happens with all of us and I am not sure anyone of us other than escorts are reviewed on basis of our work everyday. At least in my job, we have half yearly reviews. So, If I have one bad day, I have 5 months 29 days to cover it up.
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