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Thread: Good bye and have a good one................

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    Default Good bye and have a good one................

    Well my job (with myself) is done here. Sorry Pat for any bs but hey your used to it.
    Getting a new Eng Bull Terrier puppy tomorrow so moving along. A big paws so to speak but with better breeding, more brains, better looking and a btter sense of humour.

    A few sign offs.

    Dublad.... Away with fairies.
    Spunk .....A masterful story teller who should put it to better use.
    John r.... A1 good at not letting things get out of control.
    Bigpaws... A wannbe plain and simple.
    Dan...... Who?

    Now for my fav part,, the ladies ,oh yes you exotic sweeties.

    Pat, my bumchum. Clever, plain and simple.
    Jayne...Nice but not as innocent as she sounds...
    Heather... Avery mannerly lady by the sound of it.
    Dollymop... Here today, gone tommorrow.
    Sammmy mature... Very tough but decent and respectful.
    Anna Savicha...quiet, nice but quiet.
    Natsahia... the invisable lady..

    Jesus chirist ,i thought there was more here. Ok now for the moment youve all being waiting for. who is the new Westside??

    Noone, sorry but only one Westside and always only one Westie. I will more than likely be dead by the time im 40 but hey life is sweet.

    Oh my favourite escort from this site that i was with?? A toss up between Bianca of Limerick or Mirella of Limerick.

    Fav escort by Westdie would like to call to but it aint gonna happen. Karol in Cork.

    Fav overall escort on this site. Marianna of course.

    Done ,over and out, and Paws hopefully we might meet someday. Oh yeah baby ,that would be nice.

    Goodbye everyone and have a happy life,
    WESTSIDE xxxxx

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    Talking Hopefully

    With a bit of luck we WILL meet before your 40 so i can fulfill your prophecy for you .............. good bye and good riddance!!

    Living in hope,

    ps i dont think ANYBODY wants to be the new west, its yours all yours!! hahahahahahaha

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    for fuck sake how many times have you said goodbye and never touching this place...

    Westie ya drama queen
    I like to think there's a sexyfukka in all of us.

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