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    As any of you who were around last night may know, everything didn't run completely smoothly.

    I think Westside lost his temper with some folks and though I do completely understand that (even those who don't always approve of all mods would appreciate it is a tough role at times I hope), I think it is important mods don't lose their temper.

    It was a tough night for everyone overall. A lot of people felt things didn't go right I think.

    I awoke this morning to a proposal from Westside that he steps back from modding, and instead focuses on the competitions only, which was his original and core role here. I have accepted this, as I think it is for the best in the circumstances.

    Now today is a new day and I am going to lock this thread now as I don't think we need to dig wounds any deeper here. There were some problems, but I think we are on a good path to resolve them now.

    Thank you

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