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    Hi there all,
    I am in Limerick and have a met a number of the beauties on the site much to my enjoyment. There is one that sticks in my mind though, one I would to meet again if I could find her.

    This is where I need some help. I can not remember her name fully and have spent hours trying to find her here with no luck.

    Here is the information I do have / remember:

    She is Irish
    Her name was: Irish XXXXX (I do not remember the XXXXX part saddly)
    She was through an agency called "The agency" I think.
    She was quite shy with long fair / blonde hair.
    She always looked stunning in her long black boots
    Finally she had ***removed for escort privacy*** VJ

    Do you know this girl or the agency she is through now?

    Anything you can tell me here or through a PM would be great. I hope someone can help.

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