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    I'm heading over for a week.

    Anyone any ideas of where's good to find some beautiful girls in their 20s that aren't escorts. I heard good things about killingkittens parties and abfab parties, but has anyone ever been at one? What's the clintele like?
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    I dont know what the story is in the UK my self but If your looking for a site you might want to try this one as it is connected with E-I
    Escort England - English Independent Escorts, English Touring Escorts, English Escort Agencies
    there is 50+ girls in london. Happy punting
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    For non-escorts, I suppose the bars and clubs around where you are staying would be the place to start, just like here at home. How beautiful the girl you go back to your hotel room with is will depend on your charm and looks. Lots of women like someone who is just passing through town to have a fling with. It helps if you lie about your wealth and social status, and invent some uproariously funny incidents that have happened to you during your life.
    (Movie producer in town for finance meetings with studio-heads is a good fib, will lead smoothly on to anecdotes about the movie stars you have encountered = Brad Pitt is a c*k, Cameron Diaz gave you head, etc)

    As for escorts... well, avoid Soho, and good luck.
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    If you strike out with the non-escorting ladies, I'd recommend trying Bijoux Escorts, particularly Lauren. Expensive, but most definitely worth it, if you can afford to treat yourself a little. The girl answering the phone is really helpful, listened to exactly what I wanted, where I was in the city, very honest about which girls have the best feedback. Can't recommend it enough (but do save your pennies, as it ain't cheap!)

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