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Thread: sense and sensibilty

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    Default sense and sensibilty

    There have been a few polls recently,asking who is the best poster?
    Who in Gods name cares to look up what a particular poster has said or follows his post???
    Ffs I dont reply to a poster I reply to the post or the thread, my response is based on the post not the poster,and if I get involved in a fencing match with a poster I only then look up who is replying ,I never take offence to anyones reply because Im typing to an avatar with a picture of a pair of tits or a furry animal for example.
    Some guys believe in their cyber personae and take offence if you take the piss or slight them in anyway.
    Thank GOD ,sense has prevailed and the poll proves that quality not quantity is what we follow,and for sensibility pls park your egos at your pc log off and chat to your real mates if they find you interesting, then isnt that what counts not your cyber mates who would never be there for you, when its pissing rain and you have a flat tyre on the M50
    a thousand kisses deep..

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