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    How many times do we say things like its,pot luck or they would have your shirt off your back,without knowing from where these sayings came from. So I was quite taken back to read some pages from history saying how some rich person was suing a poor family for their clothes of their backs. Even childrens cloths. My goodness what a cruel world it used to be for our ancestors. To imagine stripping kids of what little garments they may have and allowingthem to freeze to death all for a few pences that would be made from the sale of what would have been no more than rags.

    It was only recently I learnt that, potluck, meant having whatever poor creature fell down the chimeny into the cooking pot.
    If we look at slang words for sex that another fascinating subject. The word shagg for example how did this come into being?
    I recently heard an american call a womens vagina a squirrel. How on earth can a squirrel and a vagina be associated to each other?
    If anyone knows without being too crude I would be interested to know.


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    It possible might have something to do with (bushy) hair

    more possabilities here

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    Default thanks for that

    Thanks for that.

    Samantha x

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