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Thread: Police looking for romanian mafia in ireland

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    Exclamation Police looking for romanian mafia in ireland

    Viata Libera , Galati-ROMANIA

    read here about them , if u see them go away from that place and call straight away to gards, THEY ARE DANGEROUS!!!!!


    they are maybe around naas kildare town or athy

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    I think that girl is vera from sallins.....

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    is not vera i know that girl is an argentinian an old friend of mine.

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    translated to english :

    Sex , girls , pimps used , threats , beatings and betrayal . This is the story of the captive awoke Roxana gălăţeanca 23 years , two months ago lost in the green landscape of Ireland .

    He followed her lover abroad and thought that if the country has a bad with him , even outside the former convict ( for cloning of cards ) will be a true lover . She paid for her innocence with humiliation , a burden that her sister Dora has lost her to take it near the fish and the shame of not knowing if their parents can look in the eye .

    " My Story "

    This is the title of the e- mail written by Roxana , along with Dora , her sister and salvatoarea , the editorial address " Free Life " . Angry ex-boyfriend , revealed that fish fresh perspective gălăţeanca 23 years found himself trapped in a hallucinatory landscape : her own niece , willing , unlike Roxana , to prostitute , had betrayed her, starting a relationship with lover - pimp of gălăţencei .

    To Ireland

    Dora Said , Roxana sister : "This year I was in Ireland at the request of my sister, Roxana , who was out there with her alleged friend , with whom he lived for nearly five years . ( ˝ ˝ so-called friend of my sister was a clone of cards until there is nothing new , because most Romanians are things we ordinary mortals, I have not heard ) .

    This man , named by Gelu , living in Galati and dealing with theft and burglary across Europe , he is back in America , where he was expelled and where did prison .

    Roxana knew some things , but as a child - she was a minor when they met and he was about 30 years - he twisted minds . ( So far I would say that girls are thieves love to us on all roads ) .

    Gelu went with my sister in Ireland, where he hardly had to do about nothing . For not going to do anything ! For this reason he put my sister to give notice to the newspaper and massages .

    Time " niece "

    " At one time - point, Mary , a niece of ours , our brother's daughter , having to go to work somewhere , is from a family with five children and live only a salary . My sister told her to go to in Ireland that will help them find work . Mary , 18, spoke very good English.

    There he found work quickly and Gelu takes to do what is proposed and her aunt , or massages . Finally , Mary was more than massages at the urging of the Gelu , who , seeing that she is willing and earns more money than my sister started to beat my sister and to force into prostitution . "

    Escape from Brothel

    " When he saw Mary and Gelu were made to do what my sister did not want , Roxana called me and ran . He asked me to send him money to flee from there , because " friend " beat and kept locked in the house , into prostitution . With a friend of them managed to escape and hide in it until he received money from me , can come in Italy .

    It seemed to me a story worthy of a movie , I could not believe that our niece is about to do such things for a fish . Because ultimately, it is a fish that is women and they take the money , but that I found it after a week of my stay in Ireland. "

    (Click here to read INTEGRAL mail , sent to the address ROXANA our newspaper)

    Back in the arms of fish

    Summarizing , Roxana tried to rescue their niece of Irish nightmare . Combined with Gelu , but opposed the test before being brought back on track .

    After Dora Roxana and I took flight to Romania , and took it forcibly from the house where he lived with the pimp , but Mary was recovered fish .

    He took advantage of the fact that the two women not depuseseră Police complaint against him , just acting on impulse . He descended thus himself with Irish police , claiming that Maria is arrested . The girl went with him and because of stress , Dora has miscarried five months .

    The first line

    Messenger contact in Italy, Ascoli , where he lives with his family Dora Roxana recognized simple - yes , did massages topless , but anything related to sex . Instead , he surprised granddaughter making sex with a stranger while Gelu include money in the next room .

    The end of mail, Roxana justified : " I write this story and would ask the public to do because there are girls in Ireland which their parents do not know what , girls with sticks twisted minds pockets drones Piran and fish in Romania . I can not call men ! I hope my story to heart and you stand to publish. I wish to remain anonymous because I do not need advertising . But if I need to go and I'll knock on the front line for the souls of those helpless girls . "

    Roxana wish was fulfilled - identity was protected and none of the names mentioned in the article is not real . But the actual photos are sent by two sisters and email writing them.

    Roxana are real regrets not having gone to school , that much loved man who beat , waiting forever for it to change.

    are real and they have remorse when he speaks of two elderly parents , which left them alone in Galati .

    Home to parents

    " The police Galati there was no complaint on behalf of the person accused of pimping , "says Stephen Gohoreanu , Galati Police spokesman .

    "I want nothing but to know other girls my story . I have lived it , I went to first hand. To me it seemed more interesting to a man with a dark past . I blame myself that I had the strength to leave , " Roxana ends his confession .

    Now dream to engage in Italy , to raise some money and return home to her parents . "No I can not imagine how life would be without them , "writes the young and the screen flashes white messenger , of forgiveness .
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    Regarding the "fish" part above, hahaha

    Fish is the straight translation for "peste", but this also means pimp in Romanian language.

    So "back in the arms of the fish" means actually "back in the arms of the pimp".

    It does sound so funny

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    you know what i think all this is just an joke because all this girl work on escort ireland and all i think is this girls are in an argument of gelousy or....because of their job is an story between tho escorts so....what is the conclusion?......said by youself.

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    Been hearing a lot about theses Romanians lately...
    A friend was badly beaten in Dundalk by eight of them, they watched her apartment the whole day and came late at night.
    Many other reports through the grapevine in Dublin too...
    Whether the girl telling the story is truthful or not, the fact remains that there are some dangerous MF's out there.

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    any update on this story, have they found the girl they are looking for, there are some dangerous bastards out there pimping poor girls

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    Lads I've said it here before here stay away from those Romanians theres loads of them prostituting in Limerick the guards busted them recently here A friend of mine had a few in his apartment some right lookers but their pimps came back one night cleaned out everything best of stuff dont get involved with this scum ...

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