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    Hi guys....

    I think we all know that the best part of sex is blowing your load.....obviously the more you blow the better it feels. Therefore...I have a question regarding those volume increasing pills that ya see advertised online...brands like Semenax...Ejacumax...ejaculoid....etc... Has anyone used them? are they any good and are they safe? Also whats the story with purchasing this kind of stuff in ireland? Ive never seen anything like that sold in any sex shops...what does the law say about buying performance enhancers into the country?

    Any feedback would be appreciated

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    I am at the age now where desire outstrips performance and have recently, at the prompting of an escort, reseasrched performance enhancing substances - loads of info on the net, although the sheer volume is confusing. Seems to be no problem with posting of the better known brands to Ireland.

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