I have noticed that there are many more advertisements on the Fetish section, well good luck to all of the providers.

However there are few PROFESSIONAL, TRAINED Dominatrix and fetishists here. So if you want someone who really knows what they are doing choose someone who specialises in this area.

I have many many pieces of equipment including plugs, bungs, whips, clamps, electrical devices chastity belts, masks, chains, breath control equipment etc etc. I also have a huge range of uniforms, mostly in latex rubber and pvc, but also nurses, schoolgirl, secretary, policewoman.

I am 6ft 4" tall and provide the following services, domination, tie and tease, breath control, watersports, cock and ball torture, humiliation, foot fetish, beatings, spitting, electrical stimulation/ torture and plenty of others as well! As I said I am TRAINED and PROFESSIONAL in these areas so know just how far to go to give you the maximum excitement but safely!

I aim to please and would like to hear from you just what you would like so please PM or txt me your requests