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    just back from a weekend in prague with the gf... In club on Saturday night about 3 in the morning and these 3 girls came in and started stripping on the dancefloor... they went full-monty then just casually sat down at the bar and this was just a regular club, not a gentlemens club or strip club of any sort. I had to go at this point, but, does anybody know, can you hire these club stripper girls, and, if yes, whats the going rate? I might be back!!!... They were stunners and I like the idea of picking up in a club/bar instead of booking over the phone/net.

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    going to prague at xmas with b/f and would be interested in this type of fun,,,wouldn't be brave to go to strip club

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    Was in Prague last year, cant wait to get back
    Went to Darlings, 20 to get in, strippers and dancers doing their stuff all night, and than lined up for you to choose, menu and price list on the table. and no hustling, You choose a girl and you are brought up to a room upstairs, shower then down to business, finish go downstairs have a beer and choose another.
    Great variety of girls, I brought two to a Jacussi, forgotten how much but a lot less than here.

    There was one who was particularly beautiful, I arranged for her to come to my hotel room the following afternoon, she came and spent two hours and that cost me 200 euro, expensive for there, but she was divine, petite redhead around 20 yr old.

    I thought I'd died and went to heaven.

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    You can also visit
    By all mean's go ahead and close doors behind you but don't lock them..

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    Hi Natasha- Thanks for the link- Do you guys have sites in any other countries?? I travel a lot in Europe for my business. Thanks

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