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Thread: cork street girls

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    Default cork street girls

    lads ne new street girls around lately? annie shud cum back she was irish bout 24 savage lookin great owo

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    Quote Originally Posted by corkmale View Post
    savage lookin
    Why doesnt she eat anything?

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    ya i agree wth you cork male,she was top quality a nice workin girl, no bs and a lovely bj.please come back ainne

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    ya corkspark,u thinkin of the same 1 young bout 20 odd,nice lookin dressed well,savage bj,she gave me a num but it dont work

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    Anybody know of any street action around Murphy's brewery area?

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    ya corkmale got the number but didnt work either,disaster.its the same girl for definate

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    Default hi

    ya dats her alrite,she was a goodlookin girl and good at ther job,fuckk all around now

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    Looks like there's new girls around the top of south mall and parnell place,2 youngish looking girls with black hair and 1 slight abit older with blond hair,passed them thursday night sitting by the traffic lights at the bridge end,

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    i passed there last night and there was that dark skinned young looking girl and old one there.

    is it safe to pick these up or what lads ?

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    a new blondie girl workin 2nite down by morrisons,shes tall and young,savage body tho,i asked for a bj she dont do them so i dropve on

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