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Thread: Cant understand it

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    Default Cant understand it

    There arev a number of ladies advertising on this site for a number of months but yet have very few reviews. One in particular stands out to me as her profile comes up regularly [ changes photos, etc ] . She refuses to do outcalls. I2 questions;

    1. is there any correlation do you think between the number of reviews posted and how popular/busy the girl might be ?

    2. If the girl is not busy at all, why would she refuse to do outcalls ?

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    1. no

    2. maybe she doesn't like doing outcalls.

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    Hi Steve
    I don't think the amount of reviews reflects on on how busy a girl is
    I havent had a review for a while , but Im doing fine
    I get lots of thank you texts that's was great your lovely, really enjoyed meeting you etc etc
    not sure if guys that search escort Ireland through their phones can leave reviews ???
    an many use their phones these days .
    it is nice to receive a review so come on guys why dont you leave them ?
    love abby xxx
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    Some escorts seem to get more reviews than others, even if they aren't getting more clients. There are some patterns I've noticed. Mature escorts tend to get fewer reviews, as do BBW's, black escorts and fetish or BDSM escorts. But there are exceptions, I'm sure. Some of it just seems random. So I don't think you can assume that no reviews means she's not busy. As to why she doesn't do outcalls, for many escorts it's a question of safety.

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