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Thread: Escort Couple wanted Wednesday 24 June

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    Default Escort Couple wanted Wednesday 24 June


    Just wondering are there any escort couples (M/F) out there who would be available tomorrow evening/night ?

    Myself and the Mrs want to book a hotel room in Dublin and have some fun !!

    PM replies please if you are available.


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    Just wondering if you had any luck in finding someone as I am interested in something similar myself.

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    Yes we had a couple of replies (2) but neither were what we were looking for. Suspect that there was not enough notice given (as in less than 24 hours). Anyway, will probably try to arrange something similar again soon but this time we will post well in advance!
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    Hi I was also wondering if you have had luck with an escort couple before? My hubby and I were also looking for a couple but not sure if these are available or if easy to get.

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    haya.we are east europine couple and we staying in green isle hotel 2 moro tusday at me on

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    I have a straight male partner ( well endowed one and very talented ;-)

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