Chard: Good morning Bromhead.

Bromhead: I say old boy, would you mind awfully speaking up a bit.

Chard: What's wrong man.....have you gone deaf?

Bromhead: I think my eardrums may have been damaged by those blasted vuvuselas.

Chard: I received news this morning that the Zulus heavily defeated the French in yesterday's engagement.

Bromhead: What can one expect from those cheese eating surrender monkeys. I dare say we would have held the line.

Chard: Our chance for action will come soon enough......we face the Slovenes today.

Bromhead: I've never encountered that tribe.

Chard: No, they're not Fuzzy Wuzzies......part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire actually.

Bromhead: Jolly good show old boy, I do so like a cultured opponent.

Chard: Do you think we should give the men some time off to watch the engagement?

Bromhead: I don't see what harm it could possibly do.

CS Bourne: Permission to speak Sir.

Chard: Yes Colour Sergeant.

CS Bourne: May I remind you Sir that the regiment is cannot count on their loyalty.

Chard: Yes I dare say you're right Colour Sergeant, they would probably cheer for our opponents.

Bromhead: Funny lot the Welsh.....with those odd shaped balls.

Chard: Look over there Bromhead.....a flock of sheep grazing on that hillock.

Bromhead: Yes I see them and all the chaps have stopped working.

CS Bourne: Stop staring you men and get back to building that forde.