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    I really cant believe this crap firstly recently not only did i get a untruthful review but now i see that a **** watch the language please *** l in Belfast has taken my text and not changed a word.

    secondly Carlota read a text that you steal you say you are Italian so where the hell does Jamaican fit into you you even know Jamaica and are when did you suddenly become English.

    I find it very stupid to take a text from a escort that is already on this site why not take it from somewhere else not me.

    Please mods delete her false text I for one can prove where I come from and don't need to lie...

    Carlota, Belfast Female Independent Escort, profile on Escort Ireland
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    Drogheda October 13th

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    Hi Bootylicious,
    sorry to hear that this is happening, I have taken her introduction down and the staff will deal with it accordingly.
    As you know we don't approve changes in the introduction and you are in power to do changes yourself, some girls just don't play fair.
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