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    By and large I find pre-booking communications with escorts difficult and tedious.

    By a distance the main method of communication suitable to me is by email or pm. I will always ring to talk to the escort before meeting her at a booking but as I work in an office using the computer is 100 times easier and more effecient than phoning ot even texting. Genuine queries can be put and answered. With emails- to- phone technology widespread and now even the use of internet on your laptop as you roam, there is no real justifiable reason why the escort cannot accomodate this service. The service should suit the client not the preferences of the SP, imo. I just feel that many SPs just suit themselves and try to only get the client to use the phone.

    Also, no matter what t form of communication is used, effecient and client friendly replies are quite hit and miss , which ought to be quite the reverse in this most personal sevice of professions.

    Btw , has anyone ever got a reply from using the ' email ' service which sometimes appears on the profile ?
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    Can understaond your point as I find emails easier during the day as well - I have found most escorts are happier with a phone call - I asked one escort why and response was that she prefers to hear a voice - said it helps her make up her mind whether to accept appointment - for regulars she is more open to mails or texts - all in all a fair response.

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    I must admit I agree completely with the email and PM system.
    In my opinion, it is safer to make email and PM contact as there is traceability for one and secondly, you can get to know each other a little better prior to booking.
    I check emails everyday or a least every second day and reply to each and every one. In fact, I say to clients, it is easier to get hold of me via pm or email as when the phone is busy it would be impossible to keep track of every call and text.
    However, I have a laptop and roaming facilities and am also computer literate with a good command of the English language (what with being Irish lol) but the same cannot be said of all ladies working in Ireland.
    Also even with email contact, I will request a phonecall to book an appointment as this is a safer way of booking as we all tend to go on gut feeling.
    Hope this helps
    The infamous and unique Irish Soairsa lol

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