There seems to be so many guys phoning these days with withheld numbers.
When I ask them to call me back with number showing they become afraid.

Now I would like you guys to put yourself in the escorts place.
We are sitting in a hotel or apartment and we get a call from a private number. The caller wants to know where we are and all personal details.Why should escorts be expected to trust these callers?
You the caller could be dangerous,press,police or worse.

There must be a certain amount of trust involved both ways.

If you are too afraid to give out your phone number may I suggest you either,get a new phone,purely to call escorts on. Or dont ring escorts becase you are to scared to visit one.

Remember escorts have private lives also and many have good day jobs.
So why would we want to cause you any problem?

We would be more dangerous to you if we blindly gave out all the details to the private caller.Wouldnt we? So please just think about this.

Yes there are risks in life. But I would say you would be more in danger of getting involved in a road accident than being exposed for punting.

Samantha x