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Thread: Blaming Cowen for the recession???????????

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    Default Blaming Cowen for the recession???????????

    Now i think Cowen is an incapable politician and needs to go. Having said that how can they place the kind of blame on him as they are at the moment? Lots of others have contributed to the problem. Even when he was Minister for Finance ,Bertie was his boss.Like i said i think he is an incapable idiot but wouldnt lay as much blame on him as they are.

    the motion of no confidence should be a scream,

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    I would have a tiny bit of symphaty for the polictions of today,bertie was the boss during the good times back then why do you think he left four months before the shit hit the fan.The man was smarter than he let us believe,he knew what was coming and left with his reputation reasonably intact.As haughy said about him'he was the most devious,the most cunning of them all'.
    I have lived a life of regrets.

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    Collective greed on behalf of property developers, bankers and insufficent regulation would be a large part of it. Brian C in no better or worse than the rest

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