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    Hi guys, Im new here so hello to everyone.

    Im just wondering if anybody knows of any Escorts who work in Maynooth Town...I know there are a lot of girls working in Naas/Sallins/Leixlip etc...but I can't seem to find any actually based in Maynooth. I reckon its a place where there would be lots of custom, what with all the students and the large commuter population living there.
    Any feedback would be welcomed...


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    Hi, King Nothing!

    I visited Sienna the last time she came through, and she was based in Maynooth's centrally located hotel (I'm sure you have an idea where I mean). She said it was her first time coming through Maynooth, but she might come back through again on her next tour. The good news is, she's back in the country right now, and planning to come to Kildare again! so you can give her a ring/PM to ask her if she'll be in Maynooth or not! Here's the link to her profile:

    Sienna, Dublin Female Independent Escort, profile on Escort Ireland

    All the best and happy punting!

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    Business oppurtunity for Maynooth escort, Choirboy outfit,

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    You will find that escorts will only visit areas where they feel they can get suitable accommodation, most escorts prefer to work from apartments not hotels, if you want a choice of escorts I think you will find that you are going to have travel a short distance to Naas/Sallins/Clane.

    Sandy of Newcastle x

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