HI to those who dont know us ..... and you better be on your knees begging for those who do We are 2 english professional dommes based in belfast and have been for a number of years.

We offer the best in fetish/BDSM and all those cruel and kinky services your dirty minds can only dream of.

As with all professional dommes we do not offer any sexual intercourse so dont ask as our whips usually find their targets and are programme to respond to such words

for those who are interested we are not tarts with whips , we dont have ann summers special whips and tacky metal handcuffs if you want the real deal with proper toys for submissive boys then contact us for an appointment

We are based 10 mins out of belfast city centre (east) and travel to dublin, limerick and hopefully galway in our tours for this next few months

So come on all you "sluts with nuts" we are waiting warming up the canes and lubing the strap ons as we wait

MIstress Mercie