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    Hi all you people!

    Not really posted a lot on the forum but absolutely love reading the chat that goes on here, thought I'd start my own thread and go from there. I was wondering what people thought of younger guys seeing escorts? I'm 23 now and I'm hooked on escorts and seeing different people. I have a few favorites for sure but I can't get away from the hype and excitement of seeing someone new for the first time.

    For me it all started when I moved abroad. I was living in a different European country (originally from UK) and I didn't know the language very well, so I couldn't integrate and meet people properly in bars and alike, so I decided to try the Escort scene. Now I call Ireland my home and have continued to see Escorts since moving over here.

    I've been a bit apprehensive about seeing older Escorts though, such as 30+ age wise. I'd be interested to hear from the people in that bracket about their thought's on younger guys coming to see them. Is it a problem for most of you? Does it not bother you at all? I know for sure there's a lot of lady's I would of love to have seen but held back due to the age gap.

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    It's not so much your age as a number that escorts would have a problem with, as much as the steretypical attitude and behaviour of young men which in general means that they are bad client material. They stroll in thinking they're God's gift and should in fact be getting paid. They've often got the worst expectations of what is acceptable behaviour, probably based on what they've seen on TV about hookers. Some can't tell the difference between an escort and the porn star they've just been watching that may have inspired them to book.

    The acid test is the person's personality, and sometimes, that can come across during the booking enquiry. The voice, mannersisms. I have to admit I find it easier to know I'm talking to a young guy back in the UK and decide if I want to see him. With the Irish accent, I often expect a middle aged man at the door and have been a bit taken aback to find some fresh faced youngster instead. One in particular pulled a rude and tactless stunt (with his friend who seemed to have been goaded into it) during my last visit to Killarney that made me all the more determined to screen out young punters before they get to the door.

    But these are my views. I'm in my 40's and if the dialogue on the phone sounds right, I'll agree to see someone as young as 22. If they're younger, I talk them out of it.

    But your best bet is to develop your reputation online here. Then approach the ladies you've got in mind via the pm system. They'll have a chance to read your postings (so contribute more) and see for themselves that you may be young but you're not a twat. Because a the end of the day, all we're trying to do is avoid the twats. And they come in all sizes and ages!


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    Hi thanks for the reply. I guess it makes sense what your saying. I try to be as courteous and respectfull as possible with everyone I get in contact with. At the end of the day people are just looking to have a good time so having drama involved in that to me seems like a waste. I'll try the PM system and see what happens!

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