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Thread: Stockings, simple things in life!

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    Default Stockings, simple things in life!

    Hi everyone.

    How is it so hard to find an Escort that wears classy stockings and suspenders for the client? Cum on tits or facial would be nice as well.
    If there is an Independent Escort in Dublin, possibly East European in a discreet and nice location, please PM me.

    Any Punters aware of anyone?

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    Wink Nice !

    Most, or certainly 90% of escorts will wear anything you ask them to, I suggest that if you want a escort to wear a particular garment then you quiet simply provide it yourself and ask her to wear it!
    I myself have, like you desire, spunked out over stockings/tights in my time, they are easy and cheap to obtain, either in one of the discount clothes shops, or in one of the sex shops in the city. The cheapest sex shop to buy them is Utpopia in Capal street. Some shops (one or two in South William street) are just too expensive to buy them, stick with Capal street.
    I have also asked escorts to wear various types of knickers and lingerie for me, again which I bought myself, the girls dont mind because any mess I cause (!) will be on garments that I own !
    I have also shot my stuff into mini skirts and other dresses that I got in charity shops and asked escorts to wear for me, and never had any of them refuse my requests.
    So buddy ask any escort to wear garments and the odds are she will wear them for you, and because they are yours you take take them away with you- a souvenoir !
    Heres a pair of stockings to wet your appetite !
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