I treated myself to a rare treat this evening, a takeaway McDonalds super burger of some type or other, in fact I think it was a Patricks Day special, plenty of green letuce and green coloured source, anyway there I was, at home, eating my paddy burger and reading the Evening Herald when suddenly I came across a shocking outragous piece of journalism on page 25 of that paper - "PROSTITUTES WEAR SCHOOLGIRL UNIFORMS TO ATTRACT CLIENTS!", yes I almost choked and my paddy burger almost fell off my plate into my coke (minus those icebergs that McDonalds insist on including in their in store burgers) as the shock of this news article hit me..
Prostitutes in the Arbour Hill area of the city, the article claimed, are now wearing schoolgirl uniforms to attract their punters, some of them even, the paper claimed, are starting "work" as early as lunchtime, attaired out in their uniforms.
An interesting story, if for no other reason than a photograph of a working girl wearing a schoolgirl uniform in Arbour Hill, would easily make the front cover of the Sunday World newspaper (another "world exclusive" no doubt, for that paper which now seems to speciallize in sleazy stories) and probably earn the clicker a few euro for his camera work..
And the thought came to me, I wonder who gave them the Prostitutes, this idea, and is it actually drawing in more clients for them ?
Any comments anyboby ?

PS Avoid the Paddy burgers- total junk.