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    Default Sandy

    Wat do we reckon guys?

    Sandy, Waterford Female Independent Escort, profile on Escort Ireland

    Looks as hot as hell but can never be sure when there's no reviews.....

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    been with her, a few years a go, pics are accurate

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    Default met sandy a couple of years ago

    met sandy in dublin about 4 years ago shes exactly like her very barbie like absolute cracker.the downside to meeting her was that i had a feel of her breasts for a few seconds but she asked me to stop this was very frustrating as she had the best pair of tits ive ever had the pleasure of touching by a country mile and ive been with a lot of escorts.but my advice is to go see her anyway as she might have a different attitude you wont be able to keep your hands off them.

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    I reckon avoid. This is my review I have posted on her inexplicably reactivated older profile:

    Avoid. She's not in good shape any more and when she asks you the same question three times in the first ten minutes you know something is wrong. She is half cut, the room is dark and she is incredibly disinterested even after telling you she thinks you're cute.
    I foolishly went even after I saw she doesn't allow reviews (presumably reactivation of this profile is a mistake) because I thought, looks like a pornstar and worst case, just bang away and it'll be ok. Wrong. Rubbish O and just crap sex generally.
    Icing on the cake was after being asked to wank myself off onto her tits quickly and leave because she didn't want to be late for next fool. She had already told me she didn't have any more appointments this evening.
    Left feeling like a total arse. Lesson learnt I guess.
    I could say a lot more but I don't want to be unkind. Sorry for the bad review Sandy but it was a waste of time and money for me.
    PS That american guy is clearly stringing you along.
    (Appointment an hour ago)
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    my golden rule is photos must be accurate and she must allow reviews. from what i read her photos are spot on but no reviews, no spend good hard earned cash
    see you next tuesday

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    I can't understand why pics are immediatly unverifed when an escort no longer takes reviews.
    I have lived a life of regrets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bhoywonder View Post
    my golden rule is photos must be accurate and she must allow reviews. from what i read her photos are spot on but no reviews, no spend good hard earned cash
    I'm going to take your golden rule and use it. Gotta say her pics are not spot on at all, maybe they were two years ago. The main attractions aren't all that either.

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    My position - looks lovely in photos, but I've been here long enough to remember when she accepted reviews and some of them weren't good. Still, looks lovely so if she tickles your fancy, go for it....
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    Do we have to add the option of "nreasts being touched/sucked" to favorites? Great tits, but if her main assets are untouchable, what's the point.


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