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Thread: A quick hello to all !!

  1. Default A quick hello to all !!

    I wish to start by presenting myself before joining in the debates. I am Tia, sorry but my website is under constuction at the moment and should be ready in a week or so.

    I am no troller i swear

    I hope to get a few warm welcomes from you people.


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    Default welcome

    welcome to you from everyone........lets hear a little bit more about you

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    Thanks for that prompt welcome. I guess my site should say more about me but for the time being, i guess i can give you brief description.

    I am 23 years of age, ebony, new kid on the block type, based in the UK!! i am looking at a few boards at the moment and i was adviced to join this one. I hope to enjoy myself here.

    I am a peacemaker in general.

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    Hello and welcome Tia, would just like to say that you wont need a website if you advertise here on EI, we'll have all the info we need from that.

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    Hi Tia

    You are very welcome! anything you need to know about advertising please don't hesitate to call myself or Carly on 0044 7731450011


    By all mean's go ahead and close doors behind you but don't lock them..

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    Thanks guys I will check out the advertising conditions as i am likely to drop by once a month in Ireland.

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