I just want to know, why do you visit or phone escorts, if you dont have respect to them"

Used to visit escorts but no more. Phoned you just to check to see if my freind was telling the truth which he was. As far as respect, just becuase i called you on this doesnt mean that i dont respect this or that. Funny thing is that of all the girls i know the ones that i have most respect for just happened to work at the buisiness and funny thing is they respect me too. There was nothing at all disrespectful about my post. It didnt damage you in any way. Just take criticism on the jaw and move on. I dont do silly pms and this is a silly pm sweetheart but i guess this is disrespectful on my part too is it?

To sum up ,you advertise, he asks for nos,i give,you dont answer,he breaks my heart, i give him more nos, can you see a natural cycle of my wasting my time here? Also why would you pm such a disrespectful individual? Beats me.

Jumping up and down, scratching head, rubbing bum,