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Thread: Hey ewa69 about your pm.............................

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    Smile Hey ewa69 about your pm.............................

    "listen mr you donot have to rude about something you not sure of . as u have insulted us on this sit . i will prove for you were wrong . email us ur address and we will send u the girl first then u can pay after the week is over."

    I suppose Patricia knows nothing about it either?She wouldnt have a clue either.One thing i would say is that when she says Scam i would trust her.

    Nope, if i was that badly caught for a woman id just hit the town and not drink. Do you really think that i would take you up on your offer and show up without my back being watched?
    Seriously though poles dont attract me.You could send all you want and i would just send them back.Also sweetie,ive worked around this game and probably know more about it than you and half the people here.

    My problem is that i use drugs for powerlifting and martial arts and these screw with my head but hey anything worthwhile in life comes with a risk.Thats my tough shit.

    Dont know if your pm is a threat,you beng clever or genuine but either way,you and your group are just not important to me and never will be.I shouldnt be important to you either.

    What makes you so sure that your ladies would be good enough?

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    Ok ewa69 you are banned.

    Your threatening PM to me earlier today was so silly I ignored it, but your last PM telling me how this site is full of smelly hookers was more than I will tolerate.

    Piss off you stupid pimp.

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