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Thread: I Wish The Men of Cork Were A Bit MORE ANAL About PLEASURE!

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    Dick I Wish The Men of Cork Were A Bit MORE ANAL About PLEASURE!

    Sitting here reflecting on my time in Cork, with the lovely weather and charming, horny men, it dawned on me; no one has asked for anal sex yet? I had plenty of it in Belfast and Dublin. But I've been in Cork for two days now and my large ebony booty is beginning to feel quite neglected. Almost like an anal virgin all over again!

    Do the men of Cork enjoy anal less than the men in other parts of Ireland? Or are you too shy? Or wishing not to cause offence? Or are you concerned that I ticked a service in my profile just to be noticed? The truth is, I love receiving anal. It took me a while to figure out what I've been missing. But now I've tasted it, I'm hooked - and making up for lost time.

    Don't get me wrong. I've had a great time so far and enjoyed the time I've shared with a number of you. But if you do want more, don't be afraid to ask. The time you pay for is your time. Use it; don't lose it.

    It won't cost you any more than my agreed hourly fee if you wanted some anal sex. I don't believe in charging for any extras. If you've never done it before it always helps to let me know. We can have fun discovering it's pleasures together. I'm a very good teacher.



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