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Thread: What if we had an escorts-only petition....?

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    Lightbulb What if we had an escorts-only petition....?

    There were a couple of problems with the other petition.... I think many of them could be resolved by having an escorts-only petition.

    1) Verification. - This is a very important one, as who's to say someone isn't making a couple of accounts and posting signatures from each of them?! They could also use their real names/identities and Patricia could surely provide evidence of it.... credit card receipts for example.

    2) The pool of possible candidates is clear - Supposing that the other one took off really well and we ended up with 10,000 signatures, that's 10,000 out of what? 4 million? A big problem with petitions is that it's hard to know what amount of petitions is significant.... this way a very high percentage could sign it.

    3) The escorts themselves are signing it - Ruhama and others would of course try to pass the punters off as ignorant brutes, domineering bastards and pimps, the criminals and delinquents in society, and say their signatures mean nothing. This way they couldn't do that, they would be left completely snookered with no way out. The girls themselves want Ruhama to leave them alone.

    4) The identities of the escorts could be kept strictly confidential - This would prevent the likes of Ruhama from saying that they were forced or coerced to sign the petition.

    Patricia could also write a letter (or a few letters in case the head sister just bins it....) to Ruhama showing this and asking them on behalf of the girls who advertise on E-I and escorts in Ireland everywhere, to leave them alone. As much as it might hurt Ruhama, they're living a life of lies and deceit. Patricia could on behalf of E-I suggest some way that Ruhama could help women or help others in a productive and good way.

    And Patricia Albright should go on tv .... If Joe Coleman(link) can get on the highest watched show on rte, then surely the lovely Patricia Albright could.... creating awareness about this issue and the plight of these girls that are continually being hurt and villified by Ruhama. It would be good/funny to have a tv debate with Patricia Albright and Geraldine Rowley going head to head....
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    I am more than willing and able to host that TV debate.............though it might be a bridge too far for the powers that be at Montrose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carlos marvado View Post
    I am more than willing and able to host that TV debate.............though it might be a bridge too far for the powers that be at Montrose.
    Ure right Carlos there is no way they let u on television, just have to let Miriam do it
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    way too long a rant...

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