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Thread: Escorts 12602 Mel and 14587 Desire

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    Default Escorts 12602 Mel and 14587 Desire

    This thread is mostly to do with escort Mel but also escort Desire is connected as will be explained further down.

    Escort Mel has changed pics and stats today that are significantly different to what was on profile yesterday.

    Yesterday she was...

    Spoke English, Spanish (But not list her own native lan. if Brazilian)
    Eyes were black
    5 foot 5

    Today she is,

    Speaks Spanish, English, Italian (learned Italian overnight)
    Now has brown eyes
    grew 3 inch's overnight to five foot 8
    also became bisexual overnight.

    All in all its been quite the road to Damascus for Mel since yesterday but that's only the start,

    Profile as of 18-05-10

    Profile today 19-05-10

    She has two numbers on profile, this one 087 1517533 is shared by another listed as independent escort called Desire who is same city as Mel at time of writing. Neither are listed as duo partner.

    Desire, Limerick Female Independent Escort, profile on Escort Ireland

    Her other number 087 0909547, when you google (Ireland) that number you get only two returns, one for Mel and another for a link to this site for someone called Ester who states she is Spanish...

    Now there is only one profile here called Ester and it is possible its a different Ester to the one linked to Mel by phone but if the same one then that number goes back as far as 2006 so this number 087 0909547 would have been in use since at least that far back for at least these two profile's Mel and Ester.

    also in a review Mel is referred to as Caprice...

    Escort Ireland - Escort Reviews - Review 023940 - Irish Independent Escorts, Irish Touring Escorts, Irish Escort Agencies

    There was also a profile back in 07 that was called Caprice and posted as an agency looking for a receptionist as seen here...

    Whatever about Ester and Caprice the change in pics, the change in stats and the same number with another escort who is also in same city is 100% rock solid fact and indisputable and this thread will be added to the reviews of both for the consideration of potential customers.
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    grand job

    thanks QPH

    Who do I trust? I trust me!

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    Thanks QP, will check the photos but I need to admit to find out they both using same number impressed me

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