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Thread: girls in shannon co clare

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    Smile girls in shannon co clare

    Does anyone know any street walkers,escorts or girls looking for extra cash in shannon co clare feel free to pm me

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    Anyone pls?

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    anyone? pls help

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    Not fucking limerick anyway!!


    You do realise that there's a city called Limerick about a half hour away?? I believe there are a few escorts working there. Also a place called Ennis not that far away either.

    No need to thank me. Punt on my son!

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    wow is there i did not realise that thank you so much do u no think i know that i want an escort in shannon not ennis or limerick

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    We need a few girls in Shannon if u go out for a drink u can't get to ennis or limerick after it 2 biggest town and we have no escorts

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