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Thread: Million Dollar Babe & Pamela 086 8404246

  1. Exclamation Million Dollar Babe & Pamela 086 8404246

    On two occasions i have called the above number looking to meet up with a girl off the site.

    I arrive to a apartment off Liffey St and I have never got the girl I requested.

    Last night, i rang for Pamela, a so called independant and was told she was available. I then asked about a schoolgirl uniform and was thold this was also ok.

    I made my way there, hoping for a good night. I got charged 200 by a girl that was not Pamela after been told that she wasn't working and recieved OWO and O on her including full sex. The whole lot latested no more than 18 - 20 mins and was kicked out then.

    And you gussed it, no schoolgirl uniform. This has happened before and once you cum your out. Now am I mad or is this unfair???

    Watch out for this number and the apartment is a front entrance at the back of Spirit, if you find yourself at that door then turn away for your own sake!

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    Default Been there, done nuthin'

    Yes - I've been there.

    Great on the 'phone, but two really unattractive girls in a grotty flat - made my excuses and left but gave them twenty quid cos they looked desperate. I actually felt sorry for them. A horrbile experience.

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    Ah u poor thing, next time u av 200 euro 2 spare give me a shout, ur wish is my command SIR! No messing give u the time of ur life, any fantasies!

    Email me -

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    Exclamation email not valid

    Hi up4it, your email doesn't exist. you got one that works?

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