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Thread: E-I New Features - You Ask, we deliver!

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    Default E-I New Features - You Ask, we deliver!

    Hi everyone,

    Escorts by Price

    Got a suggestion in today that we publish a section where escorts are listed in order of price, to help guys work out which are the most affordable, the most expensive escorts etc.

    This is a good idea I think.

    Anyone else got any more suggestions?

    I was thinking if everyone put their ideas for new website features here this thread could serve as a To Do List for us. People could also second ideas, to give us an indication as to how wanted various features are, i.e. What we should do first, what is not in so much demand so we could wait longer to do it etc.


    Pat x

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    Hotrod100 made a suggestion here;

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    About Female Escort Search service.

    Would be nice to have a feature there that one could search escorts if she has reviews.
    I do not trust anymore this "Show Escorts with Verified Genuine Photographs Only".

    Consider, please.

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    Default good idea

    Yes Pat,
    I think it would be very good idea to list by price charged by escorts.

    Also my photos are genuine and verified by this site. They were taken from my web site.

    Its sad when others are sending you false photos, but dont see how that is your fault. You can only use what you have been given.
    Perhaps the client should take print out of photo and if its not the same women, then walk away.
    But sadly I suppose there is some thing more sinister going on with fake photos.
    Wish I could give you a solution to this problem.It must be very difficult for you all.

    Samantha xx

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    Default New Features

    I think that it would be a great idea to sort the escorts by price. i think it would also be good if we could search for escorts who have had reviews, in the same way that we can search for escorts with genuine pics.....

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    Similar to price, would it be possible to search profiles but ethnicity or nationality? Ethnicity would be better to be honest (asian, black, caucasian, latina, etc.) so you can get your preferred taste?

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