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Thread: where my rewiews

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    Default where my rewiews

    where my rewiews weeks ago to marina rios here in belfast???
    i want know what go on??

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    Two possible reasons


    It was written in CAPITAL LETTERS from start to finish which is against the rules.

    But from having just read it I would say the main reason is that you were vulgar and needlessly insulting in your choice of words to describe both her and the booking.

    If you cannot write a review in a manner that does not demean the escort then it will not be activated.

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    It was me who deleted your reviews. You wrote them in block capitals which is against the rules. Also your wording was very vulgar with words such as ugly, litter rat and other not very nice things. And your exaggerating about weeks ago. You only joined on the 5th and submitted 2 reviews the next day. Your lucky you got me on a good day. I could've ratted your reviews. Then who would be the litter rat. I don't think you'll be getting a trusted reviewer medal

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