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    I'm trying to advertise my upcoming tour on the forum (which is in my signature btw), but for some reason my advertising privileges have been taken away and I'm unable to post in the relevant section or see the girls forum....
    Is there a new rule, that these right expires after a few weeks you have not been into town...?
    xxx Kat
    Dublin tbc , Belfast tbc, Cork tbc

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    Hi Kat. If your ad profile isn't active you can advertise in this section only....................

    Non-Advertiser Adverts

    Here's a link to the rules for that forum...................

    Hope this helps............
    Advertising space available for hire, and reviews for sale, just call

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    After 3 month of not advertising you are moved back to "Registered User" usergroup. In your case it has been a little less than 3 months since you advertised (last ad ended Feb 19th). There was a bug moving some people too quickly and we fixed this for moving forward, but it may have effected you a few weeks ago and this is why you were moved usergroup too soon. I am getting IT people to put you back in Escort Advertisers usergroup.

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    Hi Kat,

    The problem was similar to that mentioned by Pat.
    We've fixed your profile, so you should be good to go now.


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